In my life and my artwork, there is a powerful pull toward the strange. The strange compels me to explore and expose people to ideas that might be uncomfortable. I find beauty in looking at the remnants of transformation – what is present yet invisible, what rots and how it transitions over time, and what evokes a visceral reaction. 
When we are confronted with images and experiences that defy our aesthetic conventions, we have been culturally conditioned to label this as grotesque. It seems the more violent one’s repulsion, the more apparent it is that the individual has unresolved issues regarding the subject at hand. My work sits between the real and fantastic to highlight moments where beauty and the grotesque merge.
By touching on my own vulnerabilities, I can open a door for conversations around discomfort and the process of healing.  I have built a visual language with art and science revolving around the visible and invisible wounds of trauma. Through dissection, amputation and exploring anatomy in many mediums, my work examines the human form by exposing its interior. I use medical images such as x-rays as a way to depict the internal form. By exposing spots of trauma layer by layer, it allows me to illuminate the uncomfortable and honest pain of healing. 

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