Teeth come up a lot in my work. I’m hyper fixated on them for reasons that I have yet to understand. The most prominent connection I’ve made is that when I was six years old, the dentist pulled the wrong tooth and then proceeded to pull the correct one. This imagery was created in response to this experience. I’ve also connected this idea with the lack of access to sufficient dental and medical care for low income individuals. To continue this exploration I created a dental x-ray of a child’s mouth in 24 panels of glass that sits in a light box. I began by finding a 3-D digital scan of teeth and then slicing it into 1/8th pieces (the thickness of my panels). As viewers move around the object, the image temporarily disappears and then reappears as they continue revolving. I see my work adding to this cannon because all of the glass artists I’ve seen exhibited so far seem to be searching for beauty, but I’m searching for discomfort.
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